0  446932  446940  446946  446950  446956  446958  446962  446968  446970  446976  446982  446986  446988  446992  446998  447000  447006  447010  447012  447016  447018  447022  447024  447026  447027  447028  447030  447031  447032  447034  447036  447040  447042  447046  447048  447052  447058  447060  447066  447070  447072  447076  447082  447088  447090  447090 

15. - Why are you so late?

- Well, _____, my broke down halfway.

A .I say             B. you understand      C. I mean               D. you see


14. - Why not join us the game? 


A. Sure, please do      B. No, you do the same     C. Oh, that’s all right          D. Ok, coming.


13. - Is there anything I can do for you, sir ? 

- _____.

A. Yes, you are welcome  B. Ok, your time          C. Not now. Thanks anyway  D. Sure go ahead, please


12. When Tim asked why he had to bed, his mater told him the saying “the early bird _____ the worm.”

A. caught            B. catches           C. catch               D. all catch


11. - Whore is your dictionary?

- What do your dictionary? You’ve got one yourself, haven you.

- Oh, if I _____ mine, I _____ yours.

A. had got l wouldn’t wait to go                 B. have got l wouldn’t need

C. get l won’t need                       D. would get l wouldn’t have needed


10. - _____ the new VCD for me, Mum? You promised.

- Oh, dear I forgot.

A .Will you buy        B. Did you bay       C. Have you bought       D. Would you bay?


9. - I m yurt phoning to wish you good luck in your exam tomorrow.

- _____.

A. Thanks. I can’t wart to go               

B. Thanks, I can’t believe it’s been five years.

C. Thanks. We’re really happy. Everything went smoothly

D. Thanks. I m a bit worried abort it actually


8. - Con I help you carry this box into your hotel room, Granny?

- No, boy. It is _____ heavy _____.

A. so, thank you       B. very, thank you         C. rather, how kind of yon   D. too, than all the same.


7. - Do you mind the window being open?

-____, it’s much too cold.

A. Yes, please                           B. I m don’t want you to please

C. Yes, I do mind                         D. I’ m afraid I don’t


6. - Jane: Its many years I last saw you, Mary.

- Mary: _____.

- Jane: I wouldn’t have either, if someone had not called you.

A. you haven’t changed so much, Jane.             B. I recognized you at first sight, Jane. 

C. I had thought I would meet you here, Jane         D. I didn’t recognize you at first ,Jane.